Hi so I just made-up with my friend because we jus…

asked May 5, 2017 in Spanish by Emmahearts
Hi so I just made-up with my friend because we just got in a fight and we're completely fine now, we just recently hung out. Today is her birthday and so I wanted to give her a present and so I said "can I give it now?" and she said "no could just put it by the door because we're cleaning." I tell my mom and she said "that's just rude, she can't just open the door?!" I agree but I don't want to have her think I'm mad at her and then get in a fight again what should I do?

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1 Answer

answered May 5, 2017 by anonymous
You have some choices, the way I see it. You can either accept her for her "selfishness" or whatever you want to call it, or you can just choose to not be her friend. But you have to remember, that she might have actually been that busy, I know that when I am too focused I don't pay attention much to anything else and reply to someone like your friend did and have had fights happen before, but they realized that's just how I am! I hope this helps!

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