What was the "white man's burden"? a.bigger, st...

asked Dec 23, 2016 in History by LastSpark

What was the "white man's burden"?
a. bigger, stronger Europeans could carry more baggage
b. the belief that Europeans had a moral responsibility to civilize primitive peoples
c. the crowded urban living conditions created by the Second Industrial Revolution
d. the unpopular belief that Europeans were responsible for the mass destruction of many African cultures

What was the goal of the Indian National Congress?
a. Immediate independence for India and Pakistan
b. a share in the governing process of India
c. a revolution that was embraced by both Hindus and Muslims
d. a new constitution and the violent overthrow of British rule

The Monroe Doctrine was created by President James Monroe to
a. create a joint trade agreement with Britain.
b. allow Europeans more power in Latin America.
c. guarantee the independence of new Latin American nations.
d. allow of the use of troops to restore Spanish control in Latin America.

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answered Dec 23, 2016 by anonymous
The first answer is B

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